Autumn Leaves

Author: Phil Dumas
Book #0 of Series: N/A
View: 93
Published year: 2011


Tissues at the ready.Myra Bailey is living the dream she's had for years—opening her coffee shop bakery, Dessert First, and leaving her good for nothing husband in the dust. She couldn't be happier to finally be on her own and proving her success one scone at a time.But that dream is short lived when it's suddenly morphed into a nightmare. Barbara, the owner of Dessert First's biggest competitor in the small town of Fish Creek Falls, is found dead, and Myra is top on the list of suspects thanks to her famous Death by Chocolate cake at the scene of the crime—poisoned and half eaten. She refuses to idly sit by and let the hunky Detective David Bentley run the show, so she and best friend Lizzy do some of their own investigative work.Armed with their smart phones and natural wits, Myra feels the heat and knows she has to clear her name to keep her bakery operational to save her future. She can't let the hunky detective distract her from her mission, or she could be behind bars instead of the real killer.== > Death by Chocolate is approx. 30K words and is volume 1 in the A Dessert First Cozy Mystery Series.